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Medical / Healthcare Loans (Coming Soon)

Medical loans are designed to offer consumers a hassle-free, low interest rate loan to cover for their hospitalization expenses. These are cash less loans that we offer at hospitals which are our network partners.

For patients / borrowers : If you want to apply for a loan, these loans are available at select partner hospitals as of now and you can apply directly at our customer service desk in the hospital. Online applications are coming soon. For more details click here. Feel free to contact us to know more.

For partners : Our loan offering is an end to end financial product offering for Hospitals and Clinics using which they can reduce their drop-offs by offering their patients / customers an EMI based payment plan. Contact us is you would like to partner.

Doctor Connect App

Doctor Connect is our showcase Android app that enables video based consultation. The pilot use-case for this app was in Tier 2 and Tier 3 geographies where typically there are very few specialists.

Check out the app on Google Play store

If you are considering foraying into tele-medicine, contact us to help with your strategy. We have deep expertise in video based technology and we can help you deploy a customised white-label solution that works on off the shelf hardware (mobile phones and tablets) on standard 3G/4G connections.

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